Medium Raises $25 Million, But Still Doesn’t Know What It Wants To Be When It Grows Up


According to TechCrunch, blogging platform Medium has closed a $25 million funding round led by Greylock, with participation from Google Ventures and several individual investors.

Medium has rapidly filtered into public awareness the past twelve months, although not always in a positive light. Alexis Madragal of The Atlantic criticized the site for instances of plagiarism, and the Internet at large was up in arms over posts such as Peter Shih’s rant against San Francisco, and entrepreneur Patrick McConlogue’s ongoing series about teaching a homeless man to code.

Co-founder Ev Williams — who also co-founded Twitter — has been frank about his vague plans for the platform, and up until now has been bootstrapping the site out of his own pocket. The site was invite-only until October, when the platform became free to use for all. As of August, the site had over 40 engineers and editors split between New York City and San Francisco.