PressFriendly Wants To Make Startup Pitches Suck Less


According to TechCrunch, PressFriendly has launched its press-outreach platform, specifically targeting the PR struggles of startups and seeking to disrupt traditional agencies.

Founder Joel Andren was also a co-founder of BitCasa, and head of marketing and business development at electronic-signature service HelloSign.

PressFriendly’s software provides a step-by-step process for press outreach, including custom media lists and an automated ‘pitch builder.’ The service currently costs between $99 and $999/month.

As someone who has received some truly confounding pitches for startups, I appreciate the goal of PressFriendly, although I’m not certain the average startup needs to pay up to $1000/month just to learn how to write a pitch. Here’s some free advice: find a friend who was an English major in college (or is just not, um, incompetent at writing), and pay them a small fee to spot-check your emails and press releases.

It’ll make all the difference. Trust me.