After More Than Two Years In Development, Taco Bell Will Finally Release A Mobile-Ordering App


According to Slate, Taco Bell will be rolling out a mobile-ordering app later this year, after more than two-and-a-half years in development. Customers will be able to pay from inside the app with credit cards and gift cards, and pick their food up from the counter or drive-thru.

Starting a Taco Bell delivery service, apparently, was never an option…which is probably for the best. I wouldn’t want my tacos sitting anywhere other than under a heat lamp for more than five minutes.

McDonalds and Chick-Fil-A are also preparing to roll out their expanded mobile apps, and Chipotle will invest $10 million in mobile-service development.

Speaking from a personal perspective, giving me an app to order Taco Bell on my way to Taco Bell will not overturn my decision to banish fast-food from my post-college diet. I’m pretty sure there are a few million fellow hipster/health-conscious millennials who feel the same way.

For Taco Bell’s broader customer-base (particularly stoned suburban teenagers with access to their mom’s minivan after midnight), the hard push into mobile may solidify a strong series of product and marketing decisions. The company’s Doritos Locos Tacos helped push same-store sales to an 8.8% increase in 2012 — compared to McDonald’s 3.3% increase – and the strength of the ‘Live Mas’ campaign helped the company land AdAge’s 2013 ‘Marketer of the Year’ Award.