Hampton Creek Foods Raises $23 Million To Continue Making Bill Gates’ Favorite Eggs


According to TechCrunch, Hampton Creek Foods has raised a $23 million Series B funding round led by Hong Kong-based Horizons Ventures, with participation from Yahoo founder Jerry Yang, AME Cloud Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Collaborative Fund, among others.

Hampton Creek remains one of the few Silicon Valley startups to receive positive neutral press from Gawker, and its plant-based mayonnaise substitute ‘Just Mayo’ is currently sold at Whole Foods markets nationwide. Bill Gates is also an investor through Khosla Ventures, and gave muffins made with ‘Beyond Eggs’ solid marks during a blind taste-test.

CEO Josh Tetrick — a vegan — is a former linebacker for West Virginia University and Cornell University/University of Michigan law school graduate whose pitch is 99.9% business, 1% feel-good hippie stuff. His goal is for Beyond Eggs to be healthier, longer-lasting and 1/5 cheaper than regular eggs, and he hopes to undercut American industrial farms which frequently mistreat animals.

Hampton Creek is currently rolling out its products in partnership with six Fortune 500 companies, according to communications director Morgan Oliviera, and will launch an ‘Eat the Dough’ cookie product and ‘Just Scramble’ egg mix later this year.