Winklevoss Twins Create The World’s First Bitcoin Price Index, The ‘Winkdex’


According to DealBook, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss — the Harvard ubermenschen with a knack for news-making, oar-breaking and lady-taking — have launched a Bitcoin price index dubbed WinkdexSM ,with the goal of bringing price transparency to the wild world of virtual currency.

The boys unveiled the price index in a regulatory filing earlier today with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and are also seeking approval to create a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund, which they plan on calling the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust. Currently, the most trusted virtual currency price index is Coindesk, which lists Bitcoin’s price hovering around $620.

Old Greenwich last names do go perfect in front of any kind of ‘fund,’ to be sure. And the boys are nothing if not persistent, as 2014 has not been kind to Bitcoiners: Charlie Schrem, CEO of BitInstant (of which Winklevoss Capital is a prominent investor), was arrested on suspicion of money-laundering in January, and three top exchanges temporarily shut down last week after $2.7 million in Bitcoin were stolen from Silk Road 2.0.