So much to learn, so little time…
Healthcare: Commerce Before Marketplace?” by Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures: “So what would a commerce model a la Amazon look like in healthcare? It would be a branded service that provides diagnosis, prescription and if necessary referral. The service would use some combination of texting, possibly video chats/image uploads, and use of existing lab networks (e.g. for blood analysis). The logical entry point would either be primary care in its entirety or a large specialty such as dermatology. I believe the right service could quickly grow large, especially if it can be priced in a way where insurance reimbursement becomes a secondary consideration.”
Dear Big Cable Co: You Can’t Have It All,” by Bijan Sabet: “I’ve heard people compare Comcast’s challenges with our nations highways. The story goes at some point the highway will be so congested that we need trucks to pay more. My response: we already do. We as subscribers pay more year after year. We have no choice. There are many places even in metro areas where consumers are given exactly one choice.”
Great SaaS Companies Focus On Behavior Change,” by Tom Tungusz of Redpoint Ventures: “A really great product sells itself. People want to use it because it’s significantly better than whatever preceded it. Product is the strongest and most persistent way of changing behavior. It’s also the most scalable. A great user experience is repeatable with near-zero marginal cost for each user.”
The Duo,” by Brad Feld of Foundry Group: “But many of the companies I’m involved in have duos that develop over time. Sarah and Rand (Moz). Bre and Jenny (MakerBot). Matt and George (Return Path). David and David (Techstars). Now, these duos are not the leadership team. But there is a special magic relationship between the duo. I like to think about it like the final fight scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith where Brad and Angelina are back to back, spinning around in circles, doing damage to the enemy.”