Would You Eat A 3D-Printed Chicken ‘Drumstick’?


According to TechCrunch, designers at iJet — a ‘3d Printing Service Bureau’ in Yokohama, Japan — scanned a KFC drumstick and printed the mishappen nugget you see above, presenting the results to the staff of LifeHacker.

The drumstick is completely inedible, unless you’re a gourmand for ink and plastic. In fairness, this lil’ guy is probably just a few conveyor-belts away from being classified as actual KFC chicken.

As 3D printing technology picks up speed, numerous food manufacturers are beginning to invest. According to BusinessWeek, Hershey recently announced a development agreement with 3D Systems “to explore and develop innovative opportunities for using 3D printing technology in creating edible foods, including confectionery treats,” and NASA has granted Systems & Material Research $125,000 to create a pizza printer for astronauts.