Sergey Brin’s Resume From 1998 Is Our Awesomely ‘90s Link of the Day


Courtesy of TechCrunch, we have Sergey Brin’s resume circa 1998, right around the time he was working on Ph.D research like ‘Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web.’

Brin was also in the nascent stages of developing Google with Larry Page, a project he humbly describes thusly: “Research on the Web seems to be fashionable these days and I guess I’m no exception.  Recently I have been working on the Google search engine with Larry Page.”



A GIF that Sergey crafted for his web-resume in 1998.

He also details his career objectives in fine print within the page’s source code:


Ah, the ambitions of the young and restless!

Twitter hasn’t been this excited about an archaelogical find since Mark Zuckerberg’s AngelFire page from 1999.