Here’s What DJ Skee Actually Does


Original Article: How DJ Skee Is Reinventing What It Means To Be A DJ,’ from Fast Company.

DJ Skee, according to Fast Company, is a media mogul-as-paradox. And you can tell he is a media mogul-as-paradox, you see, because every interview, video and Wikipedia page he touches is drenched in the parlance of new media — and yet he’s down with the streets!

So what are Skee’s ‘outlets’?

  • Two radio shows which reach 20 million weekly listeners
  • Hosting ‘Skee Live’ on AXS TV, run by TRUE media mogul Mark Cuban, reaching over 40 million viewers
  • Skee.TV, his YouTube channel with over a quarter billion YouTube views and regular exclusive videos.
  • A steady stream of sponsored mixtapes — him and The Game are tight.

With all those million of impressions you’d think more people would have heard of this guy!

But there is no doubt Skee is an influencer, and yes, a born marketer — although as far as ‘verge’ content goes I am more partial to Mark Ecko’s ComplexTV. And at just a hair over 30 years, and a public teetotaler of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, he is an overachiever. He’s also the guy behind some major early 2000s memories, having run the marketing campaigns for T-Mobile.

But the real power behind the throne — the engine that keeps the Skee train moving — is his creative agency Skeematic, co-run by Ryan Tomlinson. Tomlinson describes himself as Agent of Change challenging traditional media and tired marketing ploys’ on his LinkedIn profile*, and business jargon aside, the dude puts his money where his mouth is. The agency started as a production company for music videos (Soulja Boy was one of the first clients), and has since expanded as Skee’s all-purpose marketing firm.

The media-mogul-as-paradox; it’s a theme old as Ted Turner. But in the case of DJ Skee, I’d say it fits.