These Five Adtech Startups Presented At Turner Media Camp’s Demo Day


Original Article: “Turner Media Camp Demo Day Highlights Five New Startups,” from TechCrunch.

Right as Rupert Murdoch raises his skull-and-bones flag and sets full-sails ahead on a Time Warner acquisition, five startups made their own humble pitches on how to save the media industry at Turner Media Camp’s third Demo Day.

All five startups involve some variation of ‘content-providers’ and ‘advertisers’ — my personal favorite is Contextly, if for no other reason than it was founded by former Wired writer Ryan Singel. The startup provides machine-learning and custom content functions for publishers.

Check out all five startups below.

Watchup“The fastest way to watch the news.”

Contextly: Provides content-recommendation algorithms and content-curation capabilities for publishers.

AdtonikPredicts which tv shows consumers are watching so brands can push targeted ads to their mobile devices.

Flawk: Allows celebrities and brands to host real-time Twitter/Reddit Q&As.

LocketAllows consumers to see content on their mobile device lock screen.